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Buttercup, 2 year old room

Our Buttercup Room is a dedicated space specifically designed and built for 2 year olds. Exciting activities are available for children to access themselves with help and direction from our dedicated team of staff who know and understand exactly what it's like to be 2! There is free flow access to two outdoor spaces, including the large Nursery garden so there's plenty of room for the boundless energy of our youngest children.

While some are keen to investigate themselves, other children need reassurance and guidance as they begin to explore beyond the safety and security of their family. Building relationships and trust with new grown-ups can take time and we do this sensitively with guidance from parents and carers.

It's a time of life when everything is new and exciting! - learning is experiential, in the moment, hands-on and staff plan and respond to individuals interests and preferences.

Children are often beginning toilet training and staff happily work with families on this together with a good success rate!