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Working Together

Across the county, the Early Years has been recognised as the foundation of all children's learning. It's significance for parents. families and providers cannot be understated. To empasise this, Cumbria County Council have developed these Early Years vision statements that highlights the important the part we all play as we work together with our young children. Big change really does start small!

Working Together with other Schools and Providers:

We are one of five Nursery Schools in Cumbria who have all worked collaboratively for many years to strengthen the provision for young children in Early Years across the county.

As a cluster we meet regularly with the aim to: 

  • To identify and share expertise, strengths and resources to improve provision and raise educational standards.

  • Share and develop national 'best practice' in Early Years education.

  • To devise collaborative projects that impact upon pupils’ learning.

  • Join together to provide high quality training opportunities for our staff.

  • Celebrate and communicate the unique experiences that Nursery Schools provide for young children.

  • Support other settings outside the cluster by sharing good practice, hosting staff & facilitating joint development.

Hindpool Nursery School also works in partnership with Family Action to support our children and families through services offered onsite by Hindpool Family Hub - you can find out more about this in our Useful Links tab.