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Many children with an extended day stay at Nursery for a packed lunch. These are eaten in the familiar environment of the classrooms in specific areas that have been prepared and cleaned down by our dedicated lunchtime staff, who quickly get to know children's mealtime preferences and encourage their eating. We aim for lunch time to be as relaxed and fun as possible for the children to give them a break from the school day. At the same time, it is also an important part of the day for your child – they need food to provide energy for more playing! The more healthy their lunch box, the better for your child, so we ask families to take the following guidelines into consideration when preparing your child’s packed lunch.

Lunch Box Basics;

  • Include a sandwich with a healthy filling eg egg, tuna, cheese
  • Include at least one portion of fruit or vegetable
  • Please do not put in any drinks as Nursery provide milk/water
  • Please do not put in sweets/chocolate (eg chocolate bars, fruit twisters)

Lunch boxes will be stored in a cool room until they are needed.

Staff will help open packets, chop fruit etc where necessary.

Some children eat slowly and we will endeavour to give them enough time to eat. Any uneaten food will be returned so that parents are able to monitor their children's diet.

Please make us aware if your child has any allergies or dietary requirements.

You can find further ideas and information here