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Information for Parents

Working Together with Parents and Carers:

We recognise as a parent that you are your child's first educator - you are the person who knows your child the very best, and we aim to work in partnership with you as your child plays and learns at Nursery. As your child starts Nursery we will visit you and your child at home, so you can get to know us a little better and your child has an opportunity to meet us in an environment in which they are comfortable. This gives you a chance to talk with us about your child and for us to find out more about them without the distraction of a busy Nursery!

We will invite you to attend an initial session with your child as they start in their new class - staff are able to help individual children to settle and feel confident about staying in the Nursery. Don't worry if it takes a little longer for your child to settle - you are welcome to stay for as long as it takes.

Throughout your child's time at Nursery, staff are always on hand to talk and share information with you. Your child will be allocated a Key Worker who will be your main point of contact as your child attends, and they will get to know your child very well. We will complete your child's 2-year 2-year-old check together along with Health Visitors.

We will get you set up with an on-line Tapestry account, so you can see all the learning that's happening at school and your child's development through Nursery. We encourage our families to add to this too, so together we build a full picture of how your child is progressing. We'll be available to talk this through with you at regular intervals throughout the year.

As your child prepares to leave us to join a Reception class, your child's Key Worker will liaise closely with their new school and teacher to ensure as smooth a transition as possible.

"My child has made fantastic progress! What a great first step in his educational journey" 

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